3 important moments

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Happiest moment:

My happiest moment was when I got my deans merit award on getting 3.95 gpa out of 4.00  it was really a happy moment because I really worked in that semester, concentrating on every course is a difficult task but I somehow managed it and as a result I was topper of batch 50 BBA UMT.


Saddest moment:

I was too much sad when I did not get the desired result in FSC. I was expecting much but received too little in return, it was hard to believe that result. I was actually demotivated at that time I was unable to think about any thing.

 I don’t know why it happened, can be the fault of board etc but now I have overcome that feeling and now I am fully motivated and going really good in university. I figured out how to overcome problems and convert them to strengths so that I cannot be demotivate.


There is always a moment in every person’s life that changes his/her life completely. As far as I am concerned I believe that my life changing moment is when I got admission in UMT and that is when I set my future goal and started my professional study. That moment

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