3 Newbie Mistakes in bitLanders to Avoid

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3 Newbie Mistakes in bitLanders to Avoid

Hello guys~ LookUp again here :3 In this blog, I will write about special topic which is about newbies on bitLanders. I have some ideas to write about them, but first I will discuss about newbie mistakes in bitLanders to avoid. I hope this blog will be helpful especially for newbies and I would be glad if you can give me some feedback about this. Happy reading~!!!

Lazy to read FAQS

The biggest mistake the newbies in bitlanders is they do not read the FAQS. Either because they are lazy or because they do not know where the FAQS is. I think this is the most basic thing a user should do when he or she just joined a website. Because in the FAQS there will be explained many things about the website, like what you should do, how the website works, and other common questions that are often asked.

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Actually, you can easily find the FAQS in bitLanders. Just click the menu with "gear" icon, then you'll see many options, and choose FAQS option with question mark icon or you can go to here: http://www.bitlanders.com/pages/customer_support/ or you can watch the video below:

"Where is bitLanders FAQS?"

Video Credit: LookUp via bitLanders

Sometimes I'm also lazy to read the FAQS when I just joined a website, but when I do not know what to do then I have no choice but to read it. And I think bitLanders FAQS has a pretty good design, where each question is grouped into several categories, such as: about buzz score, content, account and profile, beginner guide, etc.

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If you do not find the answer to what you want to know in the FAQS, you can always ask other users who might know about it. You can ask them by message in inbox or via global chat. I'm sure there will be other users who willingly to help you if they're not busy. However, if you still do not find the answer you are looking for, you can contact customer service via email to: cs@bitlanders.com and wait for some time to get the reply.

Spamming with sub and buzz

The second common bitLanders newbies mistake is spamming with sub (subscribe) and buzz, either in the comment field or in the global chat. Actually this is a classic problem and it has been around a long time ago. In fact, it used to be worse than it is now, and because of it bitLanders created special rules about subscribe and buzz.

"Sub and buzz spam in global chat"

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If you open the FAQS in the account and profile category, in the "Account suspension & termination" section there will be a special rule that reads as below:

The following activities may lead to the suspension or termination of your Account:
1. Spamming in micro-blogs and comments, and on the chat with buzz/sub requests.

Source: bitLanders' FAQS

So, it's clear that spamming with sub and buzz requests is prohibited and will result in deletion or suspension of your account. However, until now I still often encounter many users who do spamming with sub and buzz request. I do not know whether they read the FAQS or know about this rule or not.

"Sub and buzz spam in comment"

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I've experienced something that I find funny and annoying at the same time, there was a user which asked for a sub and buzz in global chat, and I tell her about this rule, but she did not care and instead she challenged me to ban her account :3 And we end up with debated about it :D

Following outdated guide about bitLanders

bitLanders as social media has been around for a long time. I do not know when exactly, but I first joined bitLanders about two years ago, and bitLanders used bitcoin as an appeal to its users. So I'm sure there are many guides or articles that discussed about bitLanders. I'm also sure that there are some users who join bitLanders because they are interested in bitcoin and start surfing the internet to look for websites that pay with bitcoin, and finally end up here.

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I will not blame you for that, but if you want to get bitcoin then you come to the wrong place. bitLanders no longer pays its users with bitcoin but with bitmiles which you can withdraw via paypal or payza in dollars.

In addition to the outdated info where bitLanders pay its users with bitcoin, there are still some guides that are no longer valid in bitLanders. I will give example below:

  1. You have to buzz post as many as you can daily to get high earning
    This guide is totally wrong. In fact, bitLanders are now more focused on quality contents. So if you do buzzing as much as possible every day with hopes of getting a high earning, then you will be disappointed. No matter how much buzz you give or how much buzz you get, but if you do not have quality content which is in this case is rated content, especially rated blog, then your earnings will not increase and you'll start to get bored with bitLanders, and finally get out of here. I will not blame you if you are happy to interact with other users and do buzzing without have expectation to get high earning, you can do buzzing as much as you want.
  2. You have to post a certain amount every day to get high earning
    This is a guide which came about a year ago where bitLanders was still crowded with "buzz deal", but not now. There used to be a trend where every user had to post 10, 20, 30, or more microblogs every day, and then do a "buzz deal", but you do not have to do it now. I admit that it used to be tough to survive on the leaderboard every day because we have to get a lot of buzz every day in exchange we have to buzz other user too. But now you just have to post quality content every once a week or according to your wishes. I recommend you to write a blog and submit it for review at least once a week. I'm sure, in a month you must be already on the leaderboard or into the top 30 bitLanders users.

"Meaningless Post with High Buzz"

Image Credit: haraka via bitLanders

Above are some examples of guide that have outdated and of course there are other examples such as you have to get subscriber as many as you can, etc.

"Outdated trend: Buzz Deals"

Image Credit: khokarjamal69 via bitLanders

As closing, I just want to give suggestion to the bitLanders newbies to be resourceful and do not be lazy to read. There are already some new guides on how to increase earnings written by experienced users such as from jean-beltran, TRB, ninab, etc. Just go to their blog section and read them. The most important is to read the new update about bitLanders on Micky's blog

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That's it my simple blog about "3 Newbie Mistakes in bitLanders to Avoid Part 1". I will discuss the other mistakes on part 2, because I still need more ideas :D





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