3 Payments Received Today!

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A lot of things had happened within 24 hours, I had bought a Red Heart Balloon from the shop last night before I hit the sack, then today morning I also bought cricket costumes which were on sale with additional buzzes and then today, I had received three payments which were the pending ones from last week! Isn't it amazing?

Because of the delay of the payment which had gone from 2-3 days to four, I got a bit discouraged with working with my bitlanders account although I was still able to make certain activities but then it does really affect the certain activity of a person if there's no payment sent out. 

However since the payment was already sent today, I guess I am again encouraged to make certain blogs and videos, I am now ready to make more earnings so I can buy more gems, I only have one gem left right now actually.

Hopefully the rest of us who had cashed out during the weekend had received their payments too!

Enjoy guys!

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