3 Reasons I am Against Strong/Sentient Artificial Intelligence

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Before anything else, if you're not familiar with what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, here's a short summary. I'd like you to explore 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and AI before we proceed.

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Now, after reading and watching everything in the chat box, I'm sure you know where I stand. I'm certainly against what they call strong (or sentient) AIs. My only prayer is that no smart and intelligent person on Earth would be stupid enough to actually make sentient AIs. We'd need divine intervention if it happens. Lord knows it might mean the Second Coming of Christ, or even Armageddon. Who knows? The so-called mark of the devil or chip implant is coming soon or it might already be here and it's going to be embedded in humans. God help us.  

Good luck humanity. I think this is what our ancestors or the aliens have warned us about since forever.  


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Why I am not in Favor of Sentient AI

AI robots who look like humans will probably be around in the far future. If that happens I'm sure sentient AIs will not be far behind. Either one can come around first, it doesn't matter. I will still be against what they call strong or sentient AI.


1. AIs do not have feelings and do not feel physical pain.

AI robots who look like humans will probably be around in the far future. And because those things have no feelings then they will most likely be psychopaths waiting to abuse, hurt or kill us deliberately or accidentally.

Yes we can always program them to respond appropriately, but for me strong AIs will still be future zombies walking among the living. Those things will be faking emotion and we'll be none the wiser.

Get to know a psychopath and see if you'll like them. Unless they are able to control their psychopathic tendencies, you're very much in company with a criminal or some heartless jerk out to treat you poorly and cause you the most pain. 


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2. AI humanoid robots will be an escape from human relationships and slow down humanity's ascension/development.

What's disconcerting would be if humans will choose robots instead of fellow humans. Since robots and machines can do more than humans without getting tired, of course we would prefer machines. Because we program robots to do certain tasks, put various data in the hard drive plus make it connect automatically to the internet at lightning speed, sentient AIs can be more intelligent than us. What's sad is if there will be plenty of people in the future who would choose to love things like sentient AI robots instead of a fellow human being. 

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Imagine a world where you don't have any soul connection or even genuine interaction with other human beings. What will happen to the collective soul development then? How will all our souls ascend faster? It will not be a good future if ever this sentient robot future happens.

Look at the current generation. More and more people are getting depressed and wanting to commit suicide. Yes we connect with other people online through computers and our smartphones. Even strangers are easier to talk to and communicate with, but we also experience more emotional pain from online bullying and getting insulted by more than 10 random strangers if they do not agree with us.

If let's say we create and post something that goes viral, we can either be praised or ridiculed by hundreds or thousands of people in seconds. If you get numerous negative replies then I'm not sure how technology has made us better. But yes, I know, if we focus on the negative that's all we will see everywhere. And that is a topic for another blog.




strong_ai(Image via Pixabay

3. Sentient AIs cannot be controlled 

Just like humans have free will, the next thing we know there will be robots clamoring for robot rights. Imagine an object asking for its rights to live like humans. Are you for real? It is a non-living thing and you will give it rights? Oh what a bleak future it will be.

What's worse is if these things decide to take violent action against humans. Sentient AI robots can easily win any battle because their bodies are made of stronger stuff and they do not die easily. All they have to do is reboot when transferred to another humanoid body and voila! Back to life! Hello Battlestar Galactica (2004).

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Curious about this thought? Watch this fan made trailer of Battlestar Galactica (2004).

(Video credit: GeckoTH via YouTube)


Or wait how about if we become slaves and energy sources to sentient machines like in The Matrix Trilogy movies? Have you all forgotten what a dark future it will be if it comes to existence? Pray hard to God that all of that may never come to pass.

The only way for all these not to happen is to not allow sentient machines to come into existence. AI may very well be the anti-christ which the Bible keeps warning us about. Who knows?


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And there you have it. AI is good for everyone if it is never sentient. This makes us safe from ourselves and any future catastrophe.


How about you, what do you think?


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