3 Signs You Need To Stop Dieting…For Good

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Have you been on the dieting train for a while now only to keep falling off and getting frustrated? There's a reason - diets don't work! Here are the signs you need to quit for good.

At my heaviest weight and lowest point emotionally, I had an epiphany.
   I remember a voice in my head going: “You’re not supposed to feel so afraid of food.

   And that voice was right.

   With my growing waistline spilling over my jeans, most of my pants no longer going past my thighs, and my self-esteem at an all-time low, I was terrified of the food I was bingeing on because when they were in front of me, I couldn’t say “no”. I felt completely out of control. I’d Googled ‘crash diet’ out of desperation, but reading through the instructions that came with these diets, I knew that they wouldn’t work for me.

   Sure, there were days when I tried to eat as little as I could, but the end result was always the same: A mega binge that left me feeling guilty and even worse than before. Deep down inside, I knew that I wanted to build a healthy relationship with food and keep eating everything I loved. What I didn’t want was to live with extreme restrictions and more dysfunction around food.


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