3 Tips For You To Have A Good Health And Beauty

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Today I'll show you some tips to keep a good health and make you more beautiful.. Let's see

Do exercises every morning

   You know. This is a very popular thing that every people knows but a lot of them can not do this. Why ? Because they have to work, they have to do something for their business... So they don't have enough time to do exercises, they are just relax by reading some funny stories or watching some videos in their free time. This is not good for your health and you will die sooner. Do more exercises in the morning, I strongly suggest this !!


Eat slowly and chew 

  When you eat, you shouldn't eat fast. Because it's very harmful for your stomach. Just eat slowly and you should chew a lot, make sure everything fine when it's coming to your stomach. And one more thing, you should try to eat more bell pepers and garlics to improve your beauty. They make your skin lighter..  


Do yoga instead of go to the gym

   You work all day, you are so busy. And when you go to the gym, you have to do a lot of exercises quickly. It's not good for your body. You will feel very tired. So instead go to the gym, you should do yoga. Try to breathe slowly and do some slowly action. That will help you feel relax and very comfortable.


So there are 3 tips that help you more strongly and live longer. And an improtant thing that makes you more beautiful, just do it and you will see the result. If you have any question, just ask me. I'll answer you soon.

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