3 Ways to Have Great Photos of You Taken by Other People

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Okay, so you know how to take great photos because you either studied photography, attended photography workshops/classes and watched YouTube tutorial videos or you work as a photographer, but your friends, coworkers, family and random people don’t know what you know. How will you have great and amazing photos of you too? This can be a problem especially when you are out traveling.

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Let's say you went out with some friends or had a family trip and are having fun in the great outdoors when suddenly, the perfect photo opportunity/scenario comes up. What a dilemma when you want to have your awesome pictures taken with that awesome view or person!

Well don’t fret, here are 3 useful tips for you before that happens again! 

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1. Advise the person on how to take your picture, or how you’d like it to look.

Yes, it's that simple. You can either:

  • • show them a sample of how you’d like it to look by taking their picture first the same way you like it and/or 
  • • just instruct them how to take the shot and at what angle it should be, etc.


Sounds simple right but it can be difficult sometimes, especially if the other person doesn’t like being told what to do or would probably feel insulted by you telling them how to take a picture. It would also be hard to do if you hate asking people for small favors. After all it’s just taking a picture right – click, point and shoot?

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Yeah well for some people, it’s more than that. In this age of Instagram envy and the quest for the perfect photo post to get the most number of likes, people take picture-taking more seriously.

Also, even if someone does take good photos, what they consider amazing might not be amazing to you so be sure to let them know what you prefer as your perfect photos.

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Ask them to press on the camera button slowly or lightly so the image does not get blurry from their hand movement. If using a smartphone, teach them how to make it focus on the subject before they press to click a photo.

Now in case even after instructing them on what parts of the view to take and how to take the shot you still get pictures you’re not happy with then don’t take it against them. Just thank them and move on to the next picture. At least you have photos of you somewhere with someone or something to remind you of that experience in the future.

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Don't get too disappointed and just focus on how lucky you are to be in that wonderful place and in that moment instead.  Maybe take a selfie too if you're really unhappy with the photos they took but don't hate other people's lack of photography skills. Make the most out of the beautiful scenery by taking your own photos too.

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Other than that, read the next best alternatives below.



2. Bring, invite or drag along a fellow photographer/artistic person wherever you want to have your awesome pictures taken.

This would be great if you’re traveling out of the country or even if it’s just out of town. You won't have to let them know what to do and you will be sure to get better pictures than the average person would take.

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Also, artistic people, even those without formal photography education may instinctively know what looks good and what doesn't. You're in luck if you're with one of these people. Who knows maybe they even watched YouTube video tutorials like below right?

(Video credit: Bethany Kay via YouTube)


But what if your photographer/artist friends can’t come along you say? Here’s the last thing you can do.




3. Give the people you’re gonna be with a crash course on Photography 101.

Teaching them how to take good photos should make their pictures of you better in no time! Not only will you help them improve their photography skill, they will save a lot of money from professional lessons too! Lol. 

If you don't know how to teach people, have them read photography tutorials online or make them watch YouTube tutorial videos like this one below. 

(Video credit: FashionByAlly via YouTube)


There are different kinds of cameras these days so you don't even need them to use a DSLR. Even a handy smartphone is enough to have great photos too!

how_to_have_great_photos_of_yourself(Photo credit via Pixabay)


If things still don’t go the way you want it to then don’t sweat it. Take a deep breath and enjoy the travel/event experience instead and don’t focus too much on the bad pictures. It’s good to not be a perfectionist or vain person once in a while. It’s probably not too good however if you’re really obsessive compulsive when it comes to pictures with you in it. ☺

Nobody's perfect so if you can't have perfect photos of you after doing any or all of the above tips then better luck next time you travel somewhere and learn from the experience. 

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Oh and here's a bonus tip for you as you've seen in the 2nd video: have them use mobile photo apps instead. Photo filters make portraits look better too so make use of those photo apps in smartphones. 

If you have other tips, feel free to share in the comments. ^_^ get_amazing_photos

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