30 seconds for a life without back pain

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Imagine a life free of back pain without costly and painful medical treatments. Discover a life free of back pain in just 30 seconds!

For over 30 years, Dr. Joseph Weisberg, author of "Three minutes to a life without pain," he used his own method in practice. If we are to believe the countless records, the methods promoted by specialist healed thousands of people suffering from various chronic pain. Quite a lot, if we consider that patients "have tried everything else."

The hidden cause of chronic pain
What he discovered was that the doctor chronic pain is caused by small trauma (micro traumatisms) placed in muscles and joints that have their origin in activities of daily life, seemingly harmless.

Minor activities, such as for example aplecatul to pick up an object. Or incorrect posture, twisting, lifting arms and, believe it or not, even walking! While each of these activities can cause instant pain, repeat offenders can. Even worse when you perform these seemingly innocuous tasks in a way that your body is not used to accumulate additional stress and tension in the muscles and joints.

Over time, these "micro-traumatisms' accumulate and if left untreated, resulting inflammation and therefore pain.

So what can you do?
Dr. Weisberg has found that there is only one way to cure these "micro traumatisms". And not by drugs, supplements, or by strenuous exercise therapy or chiropractic.

Of course, analgesics, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol and other traditional remedies can bring a welcome relief. But prolonged use of drugs can cause bleeding ulcers, liver damage and other dangerous side effects. Like drugs, chiropractic treatments and the like alleviate their chronic pain symptoms, but do nothing to combat the root cause of the occurrence of pain.

Train your body to heal your own pain ...
Way Weisberg works by performing for 30 seconds of therapeutic movements that fight chronic pain by eliminating its root cause. It does this by directing microtraumatice immediate and healing effects, thus preventing their damaging accumulation.

If joint pain, these simple movements works by training the full range of movements at the joint, synovial fluid invading the area with sedative which guarantees full lubrication.

Regarding muscle pain, these simple movements involved in correcting the effects microtraumatice main muscle groups by maintaining the correct length (when muscles are stretched, the natural result is inflammation and chronic pain in the area).

Daily and consistent application of these methods allow your body to recover after microtraumas placed in muscles and joints, causing pain are the causes before they occur. In essence, train your body for healing and prevent pain.

Get rid of back pain with these 30 seconds of quick fix ...
Dysfunctions of the spine and related microtraumatice effects are the basis of many back problems. To eliminate this dysfunction, it is essential to be filled this gap by mobilizing the joints of the spine and paraspinal muscles by stretching situated along the spine in the area affected by flooding to lubricating synovial fluid. This can be done using simple movements.

Along with the common cold, back pain is among the most popular pain encountered. Try this simple movement joints used to mobilize the spine and paraspinal muscles stretch your situated along the spine.

How to: kneeling, resting your buttocks on heels, with her legs spread apart, besides hips. Get down and try to get as far away as far as you can. Now stick your hands on the ground, Loosen your fingers and place your arms so your elbows straight and be in your face and head slightly raised to be in a comfortable, neutral. Hold for 30 seconds and relax.

Repeat this as many times as necessary until the pain subsides. That's all you have to do! If you have back pain, try, you'll be amazed!


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