30th-32nd payment received

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God is so good. We had just suffered from typhoon Lando since last weekend and causes many places, blackout. Some told us that it will be back on Saturday so I surrendered at that time(Wednesday Morning). You have no idea how i feel during typhoon Lando landed in our place. I can't even stop thinking about my buzz score LOL ... I have no idea how am I gonna save this BUZZ SCORE. To think that that I can't log in - automatic -6 points plus decreasing base buzz... I'm so hopeless that time. It's so hard for me to make buzz score increase and to reach this far. But that's life. Full of challenges. (pero and daya saglit lang hahaha tong Bagyong Lando kasi panira ng moment kaasar. Nang aano eh!)

But luckily, Thursday night GMT +8  7:30 PM, NAGLIWANAG ANG BAHAY!!!! Bwahahahaahah.....  All Light's on!!! I thought it's on Saturday. My heart is jumping whoaaa! OA lang.


And upon checking my account Boom sabog ng Payments. 3 x BTC0.050. Thanks Bitlanders for giving Rank 1 for few days =). At least I already experienced being on top before I reach 1 year being a member here LOL. The sad thing I didnt used the returned gems for submitting another content. It's already another step to maintain my score. Poor me. But I'm back... Let's play again =)


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