31 Days of Breast Cancer Discovery - Day 1: Finding a Cure

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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, throughout October we will be posting daily informative videos in association with Beth Israel Medical Center and Dr. Susan K. Boolbol. Each day, Dr. Boolbol, who is the Chief of Breast Cancer Surgery at the medical center, will talk about breast cancer and share tips on to how to reduce the risk. 

In Day 1's video "Finding a Cure", Dr. Boolbol talks about the imperative need to find the causes for cancer so that a cure can be found. Despite the numerous causes of cancer, Dr. BoolBol and her team at the Medical Center are equipped to treat women who are suffering from all different stages of breast cancer. In treating over 200,000 people per year, over 85 percent have a 5-year survival rate. 

For  information, contact the Beth Israel Medical Center at 212-884-6231 or visit them online at http://www.wehealny.org.

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