31 ways to make Destiny better

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Destiny is out. You play it. Then, you complain about it. Then, you play some more.

Many of us will agree that Destiny have to be remake in some ways. Bungie has already improved the game's loot system and says that more fixes—like expanded chat options—are coming in the near future. But gamers still need more than that.

And now, we have this ’31 things wish list’ to Bungie:

1. Sparrow Races
2. A Comprehensive In-Game Stats Page
3. Better High-Level Armor Customization
4. Better Ship Customization
5. More Landing Zones
6. Patrol Mission Difficulty Modifiers
7. Launch To Tower, Not Just Orbit
8. More To Do In The Tower
9. New Shaders At The Store
10. Built-In Shader Previews
11. Meaningful Clans
12. Custom Emblems
13. Opt-In Proximity Chat
14. A Bunch More Emotes
15. The Ability To Change Your Handle
16. A Helmetless Option
17. Character Re-Customization
18. The Option To Hide Other Players' Handles
19. A HUD-Free Screenshot/Selfie Mode
20. More High-Level Solo Activities
21. New Missions With Actual Variety
22. In-game Grimoire Cards
23. An Integrated Looking-For-Group Tool
24. Vote To Skip Cutscenes And Pre-Mission Briefs
25. A Way To Undo Gear Breakdowns
26. An Inventory Wheel
27. Shared Bounties
28. A Home For Exotic Bounties
29. An In-Game Map
30. A Way To Pause The Game
31. Let Players Trade Items… Or Maybe Don't

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