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A bed frame is that the framework that supports the mattress and its occupants. Hence, it should be robust and stable to support the picket slats or the other form of foundation reckoning on the fabric and model, there are differing kinds of recent bed frames obtainable within the market like:


1. Metal bed frames 
2. Wooden bed frames 
3. Platform bed frames 
4. Waterbed frame 
5. Aluminium bed frames 
6. Cover bed frames

Choice of recent frames typically depends on the kind of décor, size of chamber, value and such. Metal frames are the best and are available with low wheels. They typically have them in king, queen or bed sizes. The frame may be raised at the sides to forestall the pad from moving out of position. Metal frames will provide associate degree recent world look particularly if they're made up of atomic number 26. Metallic element is additional light-weight and trendy frames are possible to be made up of metallic element instead of metal