3D Zoetrope Development - Part 2 - The Dome

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Although I had got the technique working (see part 1), I felt I still needed to get my head around the concept of 33 frame animation loops where all of the frames were potentially visible simultaneously.  So I decided to strip it back to the basics and go through a process that would force me to think frame by frame about what was happening and where I had to place an actual object in each frame.  This is what resulted...

Nothing amazing, but it definitely helped.  I wanted to take the idea into the third dimension and create more of an animated object rather than just some things moving on a flat plane.  The dome idea stemmed from some other tests I had been doing in stop motion...

So I decided to make a bigger version of the dome to see if I could split it up into the required 33 frames and get something animating on it.

This is the first test I filmed of it - it seemed to be working!

Check out part 3 for the finished dome zoetrope!

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