4 Reasons Why Blogging Is Good For Your Business

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4 Reasons Why Blogging Is Good For Your Business

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We are blogging on Bitlanders, for the money and the fame, but in what ways can we really show that we are experts in what we do? How can we tell Miss Hillary Summers and other people reading our blog post that we know what we are doing?  We can only do that when Miss Hillary Summers gives 4 or 5 stars everytime we submit a blog post or generates organic traffic.  


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There are several ways we can drive traffic to our blog on WordPress, convert it into leads and when blogging on Bitlanders, gets 5stars. 4 reasons why blogging is good for your business is geared towards enlightening, educating and encouraging bloggers on Bitlanders and WordPress the importance of blogging for your business.

It helps Showcase your expertise to existing and potential customers

Blogging has always been niche related, you showcase your expertise to clients and customers by how you provide good content, solve their problem and proofing to them you know what you are doing.

Aside from doing all the above, you are focused on the question(s), pointing your clients in the right direction, creating an engaging content and a lasting relationship between your clients and you.


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Showcase your expertise by becoming a problem solver, get your clients informed, valid information translates trust, this leads to sales and more money for you. Do all these with your knowledge and expertise in your niche. What are your expertise in business, your niche and your area of interests? It is time to showcase your expertise to the world, grow your income steady and definitively!

Blog for search engine and for organic traffic

The ultimate goal of any website is making sales and to make money. All these are achievable by not just regular traffic (organic traffic), paid traffic but by the right traffic based on keyword(s). Getting this kind of traffic on a platter of gold is the work of search engine on the content on your blog.


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For any website, the blog part of the site must be kept active for organic traffic. It is absolutely important to updates the blog on your websites for search engines to notice it. Search bots crawl to index new contents on old and new websites, without regular updating, these search bots from Google, Yahoo and Bing, will not notice your blog.


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Optimization is profitable for any blog on any website, as it keeps your content marketing on the loop of always been crawled by search engines. Every new blog post you create increase the chances of your blog crawled faster by search bots.

Any blog content created should include the following

1.      Images

2.      Infographic and DIY videos on a single post.

3.      Repurpose old blog post or updates them with the latest information’s

Converts your traffic into actual leads

Blogging is all about adding values to a website, connecting with people and converting traffic into leads, don’t just give valuable information without expecting something in return. 

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When your blog is not driving the right organic traffic, it’s entirely the problem of optimization. Optimization brings about the benefits of blogging. Getting a single blog post with the right keywords brings the right amount of traffic, and the right amount of traffic can be converted into leads.

How do you traffic into actual leads?

Blogging is not rocket science and you don’t need to be Einstein to figure it out. The basics and most important things about blogging are how to generate traffic and convert these traffic into leads. This is what is needed to achieve these goals.

1.      Fill your website with related relevant posts

People think blogging shouldn’t be niche related, but to actually make it blogging, your blog should be relevant to your websites. Therefore, if your website is about fashion shows, then also should be your blog post.


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2.      Call to action button

Websites are mostly online shops where you advertise goods or services, showcase your expertise and make a living from what you do. On strategic places on your websites or blog, put a Call To Action Button.


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A call to action button can be a link to download ebooks, factsheets, infographic or an affiliate link for your clients. These call to action links provide the valuable resources to readers of your blog or websites. These, in turn, helps to generate traffic to your blog.

3.      Give free information

Not all customers may have the means to buy or make a payment due to some reasons,  but giving these people free information like ebooks and actual materials can help generates traffic and turn them into leads.

Converting your leads into sales

Converting your leads into sales is the ultimate aim of any engagement you can initiate on your blog or website with a client. These are achievable by serving the customers with the valuable contents, engaging them by actually solving their problem or providing them with something better, for free or in exchange for money.

No matter what services you provide on your site, the goal here is making sales. To do these, blogging is the key, as reviews are actually convincing articles for clients.

 On a final note

The benefits of blogging are numerous. By sharing these 4 reasons, I hope to engage more websites owners to blog more on their sites, to increase traffic and search engine optimization. To encourage individuals on Bitlanders to blog more!

Blogging should be niche related and to optimize the content is the priority. Bitlanders is one platform where we can learn how to blog.

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