4 Things You Should Do If You Were To Die Tomorow

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Thank Your Parents.

This have to begin with your parents. It does'nt matter how things goes with your parents but in the end they are the only one who left for us because all of the fake relations will fade one day. Most of the people always argue their parents about the things which they don't get from them, But the things they have are from the blessing from their parents. So thank your parents first that they give you so beautiful life

Write Down The Things You've Learn From Life.

Leave your every experience in writing. You never know who could pick it up one day and learn from it. At the end of the day, make sure the world knows what you know, and fulfill your own role of helping to fulfill others in whatever way you feel compelled to do so.

Accept that whatever happend,happend.  

Now there is no time to be ashamed about the things you'd done in your life, So the best way is to accept the things, Because attracting a same kind of negativity only upsets you more, Also in end of a life the only thing will left is our fate so it does'nt really matter to keep thinking about a things which happend in past.


Apologize not only to the people you have hurt, But to yourself, To the whole world, To whomever you have hurt without realizing. Just because your intension are always good does'nt mean you have'nt hurt someone, The things which look like a joke to us affect someone very badly that they don't able to say about it, So it's not really about intension even a small things sometimes breaks other people hearts, So the better thing is to apologize to others randomly.

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