4 years and counting but it still hurts

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I am always reminded of how painful it is to wait for you till' dawn while you are in a motel room with that girl having the time of your life spending your fake honeymoon. 


I will never forget when I accidentally read your text messages for her, you are begging her not to leave you. While I was begging you too not to leave us...


Do you still remember how I fought with my parents just to defend you? But you still choose to be with her.

I was indeed successful of getting you back into my arms again. But you know what, I am slowly realizing that what I thought was real between us was just all lies. 


and all these years after that battle, somethings telling me that you still wanted to be with her. all these years she still on your mind. 


I am an idiot....

to love and trust a cheater like you