4th blog review : 4 out 5 stars

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Sure it is always fun to receive a blog review feedback. Miss Hillary was really working hard yesterday that she had reviewed three of my blogs. It was really exciting to see her rates for that specific blog. It surprises me the same way as how those treasure box does whenever it pops into my screen.

I was tired of making a jpeg files on the screenshots that I took so I thought it will be better to create a video this time. I thought it is cool this way. So here’s a video cover of the review. Hope you’ll enjoy!


So the tags were really a problem for me and it just so happen that Mr. Bitlanders himself commented on my blog yesterday as well about how to get the tags correctly. I definitely appreciated his comments and will surely apply those tips he had mentioned in order to get a better score!

I am looking forward to submitting more blogs soon!

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