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The Birth of A Butterfly

by, Cobalt Foxx

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A contemporary, tragic love story that takes place in St. Augustine, Florida. The main character Steve Evan moves to St. Augustine from New York where he meets Natalie Andreas. Steve is a talented musician who is coasting through life. Natalie has a horrific personal past and her world is about to explode. Natalie and Steve reluctantly fall in love. It is the first time in their lives that either had fallen in love. Natalie and Steve’s life together becomes an adventure filled with feelings of love people pray to experience. Steve feels every extreme of life and death. He ultimately learns lessons about love and loss that shape and guide the rest of his life…

Author Note:

I LOVE this storyline... The concept for this book originated with a constant mental image of a person suspended within a cloud of swarming butterflies. That mental image always makes me smile... I wrote the first version of this story numerous years ago, but I called the book, The Death of a Butterfly. The Death of a Butterfly is a very dark story. I feared the story was overly dark, and drowned out the happy parts of the story. I also hated the ending of The Death of a Butterfly. I believe the beginning, middle, and ending of a book must be equally mesmerizing and wonderful. In the beginning of 2014, a conversation with a friend convinced me to rewrite The Death of a Butterfly. I rewrote the story in 1 month, but the changes were so distinct I had to change the title. The new title, fitting to the changes, became The Birth of a Butterfly... My favorite scene is the butterfly scene (I dream of seeing that in a movie)... The supporting band members (Lenn, Deon, and Blast) are a collection representing my personality, as I view my personality. Lenn is dedicated only to creativity, nothing else matters. Deon is calm and moves through life at his own (slow) pace. Blast has a wild, unbridled passion and ability to express his emotions through his drums... I hope Eric Buskirk, Gloria Sanders, and J.O. Spengler read this book...

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