5 errors beauty makeup makes you take drastic

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As a girl who loves beauty, make sure the amount of knowledge and information you need to learn every day is extremely voluminous. Some recipes can be effective in this case, but it is totally useless in other cases.

Whether you are using the cream liner fits with your skin, you just bought chalk blocks can create exactly what you're looking for? And also the government chalk again, when is needed, when it is not?

Therefore, most women are susceptible to errors makeup every day without even realizing it. And surely it is time all must be changed immediately.

After following all know what is wrong, you will surely promised themselves never committed more again in my life. Just as that, the work of your make-up was seen as largely successful already.

Not only "rookie" that even experts sometimes makeup makeup mistakes below!


1. Do not clean makeup brushes

Here are the top mistakes that most of us are faced day after day. Even the make-up expert admits that the cleaning makeup brushes is very time consuming, and the work they hate the most.

Even though you may not care to have you can make your skin suffer from the "strike" (also called break-out), but keep in mind that they also negatively affect the following products with your face.

The colors will be blended huddled together, and all the steps required high accuracy also becomes more difficult, by the hairs of the brush had become "overloaded" already.

2. Use chalk to create blocks for the face

If you are looking to pursue style "tan", use dedicated lotion (also known as tanner) to have a brown skin, rather than trying to create blocks for the entire face. By your pale neck will "denounce" all.

Massive portion should be used only when you need to gently "improve" his nose, add a little for the cheeks, chin and forehead to create lighting effects as desired only.


3. See foundation matches your skin is not by trying them on back of hands

This sound was not an exact science, but we all seem to have been doing so. Can someone explain why we need to test foundation on your hand while we will use them to face not?

Your face and your hands often will not have the same color together because they are affected to different sunshine levels. Try foundation at the adjacent skin under your chin to get the best selection.

4. Go to bed without makeup remover

This is a makeup error inexcusable and bad habits. Most cosmetics are dedicated bleaching products because no one can ignore this step when bought dozens of makeup at all.

Overnight your makeup to not only make your skin suddenly "strike" with dozens of pimples the next morning, but they also make you visible aging. Because they fill your pores and if not removed, can cause pores to increasingly louder, which cause skin aging very quickly.

And now, when you know that the recipes for smooth skin and youthful is to keep them clean, you already know what to do after returning home every day and know.

5. Use concealer wrong way

It looked like so long, women often use concealer for dark areas or dark skin, red rash. However, they can also use the rules in the inverted triangle under the eyes, make your face look gleamed clear but still natural.

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