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Usually peoples have problem with their memory like you  loose your car keys , Meet with someone and after 5 minutes forget his name and when you go to the shopping mall you forget that where you parked your car. Well no need to worry because no one have good memory, You forget the things because you didn't focus them in a proper way like recently you parked your car but while parking your car you was thinking about the other things instead to concentrating that what you are doing now ,Its also happens when you are depressed and ,tired and sick. Well there is some tips for helps that how to keep your memory strong.
-1 Get Organized
1st step  that you must have to manage your things in a right way like buy a key hook and keep your keys in this so place your things where they exists so that you can easily find your things if they are well organized .
-2 Write it Down
If your are weak about remembering events like Birthday ,Parties or Meeting dates then write down in a note so that you can remember your schedule and help to recall your things .
-3 Work at It
Everyday make a new challenge with your brain like observe things deeply ,read books make new ideas to develop something with your friends so that you can increase the efficiency of your memory .
-4 Get Social
Make new friends meet with everyone in society so that you can got new ideas and stay alert about the happenings in world .
-5 Relief Stress from Mind
You can't remember things if your mind is stuck with stress , Take things easy don't think too much about one thing and keep fresh your mind to make your memory strong .


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