5 tips to deal with anxiety

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Anxiety has becomed one of the most common problems among society today, considering how fast paced and competitive our everyday life has becomed, it is no wonder this is happening.

Most of the times the worst part is that we aren´t  even aware, that, that unpleasant feeling in our stomach, the heavy breathing or the battling thoughts, are just effects of this anxiety manifesting itself in some way, i even thought at one point i was going crazy.

But then i realized not only what it was happening but, as i talked about it with people, i noticed how its practically a part of our way of living, so i decided to share the simple ways i have found to cope with mine, now i don´t pretend to claim they are miraculous, but they have helped me while i find the real causes.

1) When i wake up and before i go to sleep, i take 5 minutes to do a breathing exercise:

                               -Breath in 6 seconds

                               -Hold it in 2 seconds

                               -Breah out 7 seconds

Breathing is one of the most helpfull exercises for me.

2) 30 minutes daily workout (preferably in the morning, even better when in nature), this is a great way to deal with those mixed feelings and burn some anger away :P (in a healthy way ^^).

3) Increase the intake of food that help you generate serotonine: Plantains, avocado, walnuts, oats. almonds. cayenne pepper and drink a lot of water.

4) Stop worrying i know it sounds like yeah its really easy to say it but, really i realized that by accepting that there are things in life that i just can´t change and that life is about constant change so i can´t control everything has helped me a lot to just let things go, also i´ve stoped trying to help everyone before me(it´s not about being selfish), i allways remember the pilot´s message "in case of emergency first put on your oxygen mask before assisting others".

5) After long periods of stress our magnesium levels drop rashly and this may result in anxiety, sleep distress, etc. so a good magnesium supplement may help you with it, it has helped me a lot with my sleep quality but of course even though is normally harmless consult a doctor before taking anything.

Last but not least BE THANKFULL you will surelly see its benefits but maybe well touch that on another post.

I hope you enjoyed my post (my first one ever :D) and if you have any comment or tips please do share them!! :D

Good night.

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