5 Ways on How Not to be a Workaholic Anymore

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Everything in life is all about balancing things out. Hard workers know how to enjoy life and relax. As a workaholic, working too much is not exactly a joy as you've read in my previous blog. If one thing is more than the rest of the things in our life then we need to find a way to be balanced again.

Read more on the what, whys and hows of workaholism here if you haven't yet.

Workaholism is one of those hidden problems that people just don't notice most times. It's not really noticeable until it's already disrupting the person's life and everyone that gets involved with him/her. If in case you've just realized you're a workaholic or you know someone who is, read on below and see which one can help ease everyone back to normalcy.

Here are some ways you can bring balance and better work habits into your life.


1. Determine which kind of workaholic you are and work on ways to circumvent your work addiction.

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Do you always work because you hate spending time with family? Do you work more often because you always feel you are not good enough? Do you keep toiling all day because you always feel you don't have enough? Are you belaboring your tasks because that's the only thing you can do or want to do?

Maybe it's time to face those things you don't want to face. Maybe it's time to find a better way to deal with family or self-worth and money problems.

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You can even use the 5 Whys technique to get to the root cause. Keep asking yourself why, maybe start with why you are a workaholic until you get to the bottom of the problem. Some think 5 whys is enough but if it is something complex you can take it further than five to solve your issues.

No two persons are alike but there are several kinds of workaholic classifications you can fall under. Find out more about who you are and why you are addicted to work or some activity all the time.

Only you know what kind of person you are. Only you will know what drives you to keep working the way you do. Yes some doctors like psychiatrists or psychologists can help you determine such as well. You can even ask your family and friends what they think about you. If you'd like to get a life coach that's perfectly fine too. Or look and research for alternative ways to achieve better mental health and keep workaholism at bay.

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2. Do everything in moderation, including working on anything.

Workaholics do too much of anything so find a way to cut back on doing all of it. You don't need to be constantly on top of everything all the time. Yes you are serious about getting that project done really well, you'd be happy acquiring a prestigious certificate, medal or award etc., but learn to take breaks and relax from time to time or in between one or two projects for you to be a healthily functioning individual.

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Even if you love what you do if you don't take a break from it at certain times, sooner or later you will hate it. And when you hate it and still keep doing it then you'll be a really sick person one day.

You have to shift your thinking from "more is more" to "moderate is more". Overworking isn't always good for us because the workaholic's health, family and social life will suffer.

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If you work at home like I do, set a time for when you will stop working and your own days off when you won't do any work at all. Otherwise you will keep working until you're dead tired everyday.

Focusing 101% of your energy and consciousness to finishing the task at hand as soon as possible is well and good but it can leave you with nothing else for your family, friends and yourself. Learn to reserve some time and energy for you, your loved ones or friends too. That adrenaline high from all the work is good but keeping it high all the time for extended periods with no slowing down will not be good for anyone. (Hello burnout? Are you there? Haha.)



3. Take time off and enjoy your free time, vacation and relaxing moments.

Vacations and free time were made to take your mind and body off of work all the time. Go to the beach with family or friends (like I did last month), climb a mountain or something. It also gives your body time to rest from all the stress that has been building up from working too much for long hours. It also keeps you physically away from your job.

Think about it, even if you bring your smartphone out there in remote vacation spots if there's no signal or electricity, you won't be able to do anything so enjoy your nature trip instead!

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It's okay to not do anything sometimes. When you take a break, you will find that it's a sure and better way to get back the energy and motivation for you to continue doing more of something you want or have to do.  When you find time to rest and relax, you will have a higher chance of avoiding burnouts or mental breakdowns.

If you can't go too far from where you live, simply going to the nearest park or being in a garden will help you relax even just a bit. Focus on nature from time to time and keep yourself away from all the things that you think needs to be done.

There is nothing wrong with doing nothing sometimes. Nothing wrong with taking a nap sometimes whenever you feel like it. Closing your eyes even for a few minutes can help a lot when you need a break. Idling away sometimes is one way to relax your overly tired brain or body. Why do you think there's weekends off? Sometimes weekends are not even enough for the rest we need.

We need a break from too much activity from time to time so find a way to relax and keep yourself from thinking and doing too much all the time. Who knows, once you come back all refreshed, you might invent something new or come up with the best idea for something.

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Why do you think people go and smoke during work breaks? To take away the stress, right? Why do you think people eat while working? Some call it stress eating but some just like to eat instead of just working all the time. Sometimes we do unhealthy alternatives but it works for some because it gives them even a little break. Ah but then again, eating while working is a workaholic sign.

Finish all your work before you go home and take a real break! Or better yet, think about how often you get to travel for a quick nature trip in a year and start planning for one now.





3. Meditate and/or do yoga

Meditation releases stress and clears your mind to make you see life is beautiful and more than just working all the time. Yoga brings more focus on your body and so it can keep work away from your mind. Some say yoga is a body-mind workout so why not try it? Doing both might even cure you of workaholism

I tried yoga once and it was okay. I wasn't able to concentrate or relax that much though, I was anxious the whole time, thinking I might be doing it wrong. Haha. Plus the yoga mat they lent me smelled quite a bit. (Newbie for the win!) In case you're going to try yoga, buy a yoga mat first or risk using a well-used one.

As for meditation, I guess I haven't found the right one yet. I've tried a few and some worked but some classes are expensive as heck! No way am I going to spend a big chunk of money on it.

You can try some classes and see how you like it, some even offer a free trial class so why not take advantage of it? There are different kinds of yoga and meditation so find the best one that will work well with you. 

Anyway, here's some more advice for you from a business coach.

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4. Learn to save and invest your money but learn to be generous too

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If you know you have enough money in the future then you will definitely take it easier at work and not worry that much anymore. Find out where your money goes and learn to save a certain percentage of your money every month. When you have enough you can then invest it or buy some life, health or VUL insurance too. Find ways to secure your financial future one step at a time.

Some people say to save 10% and some people say to tithe 10% too. It's all up to you. Keep some money to yourself and give some away. Good karma never hurt anyone.

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5. Learn to have fun and refrain from being too serious with everything all the time.

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Join a hobby club, engage in volunteering activities sometimes, play with your dog or go outside to play with friends. No one is ever too old to engage in some kind of playful activity. Remember what they say, all work and no play makes you a dull person. :)

Enroll in a new sport or dance exercise and move your body. Look for groups to join that do the same things you like to do. Find ways to chill out and have fun outside with other people even if you are an introvert. Doing  fun activities will definitely make life more interesting and give you more reasons to laugh and celebrate life.behavior_change

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Do you know of other ways that helped you that could help other clinically diagnosed and/or self-proclaimed workaholics too? Do you have anything you'd like to add?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

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