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1. Be so busy that any request would seem bothersome to you. People love to know where you stand, so be sure to draw a line quick and often. Ignore text messages. You wouldn’t want to give an image of accessibility.

2. Welcome vents about co-workers or other volunteers when it has nothing to do with you. Enable people in their quick judgements and you’ll go far in life.

3. Assume others know what’s going on in your area of ministry, life, job, and so forth. They probably already know everything about you from Facebook, so just keep cruising without communication.

4. Cover your answers like you did in grade school. You wouldn’t want someone else to get off with an “easy A” and avoid making mistakes or winning prematurely. Stay out of everyone else’s goals. Meet your own and leave the rest to fend for themselves; everyone deserves a fair chance at survival.

5. Avoid eye contact for more than three seconds. I’ve heard that studies have proven a gaze that lasts longer than three second to be uncomfortable and ineffective.

5.5 Ask for an apology. Always. Even if you were wrong. Make sure that everyone else knows how often they are wrong as well.

I joke. But sometimes I forget that I joke and live like an idiot. I hope this is not you and that it will not often be me. So let’s help each other by running from this nonsense advice and see PEOPLE. People whom you want to win—Jesus saw people and loved them and shared ALL that he had with them. It’s our greatest leadership example.

So in case we find ourselves working in a situation where we can’t see the forest for the trees, here’s some better advice for us.

1. Let’s slow down and be open to helping others. The path of servanthood is the most rewarding path you/ we could ever choose.

2. Re-direct conversations in order to champion each other in life and in ministry. Be a grace giver. Even during times of healthy or requested criticism think about the each person and situation from a kind and considerate perspective.

3. Be a little more transparent about your life than what you’re used to.

4. Offer help if you have help to give. Be the biggest cheerleader your team has ever seen. Show up for others. Love them and their passions. A cord of three strands...it’s not a wussy and weak cord, it’s strong and not easily broken.

5. Look at people when you’re talking to them. Texting and phone calls are great. But make an effort to seek someone out. Across the street, across the hall, in their office, in the church- for a personal connection that only eye contact can give. Don’t be afraid of it. Let it be the gateway for genuine care.

5.5. Apologize from whatever position you're in, for the moments when you’ve made a mistake or judged wrongly. Own them and learn from them. Lead in strength and compassion. Lean hard into God for wisdom in everything, and you’ll have great relationships as you work together in Jesus’ name.



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