5 ways to use smart time

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1 Only concentrate on doing

Though for whatever reason, do too many things at once can cause quality deterioration and prolong the job ends. Take time to think about what is actually being used, how not to think about what you're doing.

Author Morgenstern suggested a time diary, or use time management software (such as Eternity Time Log). This helps users look up the item and the amount of time shall be devoted to them.

Only 2 from 3-5 to do list

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to put almost everything - from large to small, from the essential to the trivial - to-do list.

Laura Vanderkam, author of the book "168 Hours: You have more time than you think", said that the workaround is to figure out what really needs to write a list - not more than 3-5 to end definitely have to do, and get rid of the rest.

Morgenstern says: "For many people, even people technology expertise, a list on paper - even if it is composed on a computer and printed out - still very useful. You can look at it without the back to the computer screen, which is the gateway to a multitude of distracting the internet. "

3 Exploiting the use of an alarm clock

Do not underestimate the power of one of the simplest functions aboard your smartphone - Alarm. Author Morgenstern said that sense of time may help you live with goals and overcome any weaknesses behavior of individuals, from the easily distracted to not knowing when to complete the task.

Morgenstern says: "If you are a perfectionist, you might say," I will spend 90 minutes for this, no more "and the timer alarm clock, it will help you overcome your perfectionism. You can say, "I will work for two hours and then check mail".

4 Dealing with email and work plan

"Email sent to a lot of work to do and a lot of scatter," Morgenstern said. The author also recommends its kind from the moment of waking time and in the first hour of the work day.

"It is a handy tool to cause delays in the world. But there is something you can control. You can not get all the attention so if you start a day coping style ".

Take time at the end of today to plan for tomorrow and for the next two days. It not only helps you on track throughout the day, but you better understand your workloads, ready to face the emerging challenges or to focus on what was on the list.

Not only prepare for what to do during the day, the time commitment you complete them.

5 Decentralization options

If you have decided to leave the office at a certain time, and the end date of the task, which requires you to solve, but it is not a matter of survival of the company, you need to assess and address address it during his remaining time, not necessarily in the evening to stay at work.

At the request of the author Vanderkam, you should ask yourself, "If I necessarily leave at 5pm, what I need to do before then?".

Everyone wants to be recognized for his contribution to overtime. But the time to learn how to determine the actual time needed is also important. Because ...

Regardless of priority between life and how your work, there is a point almost everyone agreed: The most innovative and effective in their jobs are very focused on time out of the office .


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