5 Weeks of Community Service Learning Program

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5 Weeks of CSLP 

What our project was : As computer science majors we were tasked to do a business permit application database, and website for future enhancements of the government's business application process. 


Reflection :

  • What struck me the most?
    What struck me the most during our CSLP experience was the fact that we were not just dealing with the academic side of college, but we have also dealt with real world problems that a lot of people are currently situated in. We had a glimpse of what reality really looks like on the other half of our lives.

  • Learnings?
    Time-Managemet. As a student it is normal to be in a lot of pressure from different subjects with different requirements and demands. Through the program I learned that time was indeed precious, and that the real world will not offer you any second chances once you have made mistakes. I am happy to acquire a tool that will eventually help me deal with these real life scenarios. 

  • How can I apply these learnings in real life?
    For me to be able to apply these learnings in the real-world platform called life, I must be able to acknowledge that I am in need of these learnings. The experience in itself challenges me to actually go out of the box when dealing with life's toughest challenges.

    note: The quotations are not really quotations. Just used the tool for the purpose of emphasis. 

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