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If you’ve ever made a YouTube video, wanted to star in a movie, or wanted to call yourself a film producer, 5000 Seconds might be your chance. Billed as “the ultimate collage film,” 5000 Seconds is a groundbreaking new approach to film that lets you be the star.

Created by an online community – much like that of YouTube – 5000 Seconds is calling for applicants around the globe to submit videos, photos, and music to be cut and sewn together to create a film that is exactly 1 hour, 23 minutes, and 20 seconds long. Applicants are encouraged to send in anything “you think people will be moved by,” as the film aims to tell a powerful and poignant story about the times we currently live in, what defines our world and our lives, and how we change and move one another.

5000 Seconds is inspiring because it is really about community involvement. Following regular film festival guidelines, joining the community (which allows the submission of one video or music entry, or two photographs) costs $10 USD. However, this will automatically credit you as a co-producer of the film. And just like any big-shot Hollywood producer, you’ll be able to vote on any key production or editing issues and get a copy of the final cut of the film. If your submission is used in the film, you will be further compensated.

A few notable names have already signed onto the project. Emmy-winning Hollywood editor Erik C. Anderson, whose credits include TV series Las Vegas and cheerleading cult hit Bring It On, will be doing the film’s editing. And Paul Schaffer (from the Late Show with David Letterman) and band Marcy Playground have already been added to the 5000 Seconds soundtrack.

Who knew that a shot at stardom could be this easy? Simply get out there with your camera and join one of the most significant online communities today to be a part of movie-making history.

- Michelle DaSilva, www.glossmag.com

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We're the world's first truly collective film. With your original short videos and pictures, we'll be making a feature length film, exactly 5000 seconds long! We NEED your submissions. We're looking for any kind of material: non-fiction, shorts, fiction, documentaries, raw footage -- anything that could grab our viewers' attention.…

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