5th Blog: Five Star Medal

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Last night was a great time for me and my bitlanders account, I had actually received a comment from mr. bitlanders himself and that was about the tags since I had mentioned on my previous blog that the tags had caused the blog to receive only three stars out of five.

The comments he mentioned had indeed helped me as I had submitted a new blog and received a better review about the tags I had used in that specific blog. It was totally surprising and I love the thought that I received ten buzz points additional for the next five days. See I had two blog reviews from Miss Hillary that day and then the other one which was just submitted had been reviewed as well! Isn’t it amazing?

So to better give you a glimpse on the feedback, I had made a video of it:

This had inspired me to strive more to create more blogs and use better tags as well. Additional buzz scores per day would definitely help with our bonus scores!

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