5th Published Book: Animal Pirates - By, Cobalt Foxx

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Animal Pirates

by, Cobalt Foxx

E-book: $1.00 (FREE with Softback)



Terrance Ivy is an average boy. The main difference about Terrance that sets him apart from most other people is that he has discovered a secret about animals that no one would ever believe. 

Valerie Smew is a genius with a computer, and braver than most boys.

Adam Driscole is a boy that is like no one else. Adam has dealt with extremely adult situations even though he was only a young boy. He is also the only person that is friends with a ninja octopus.

Terrance, Valerie, and Adam naturally help abandoned or imprisoned animals. The children join forces with an unlikely group of animals and together the children and animals discover how to time warp to video game worlds.

While they time warp to and from video game worlds, the children and animals help people, animals, and even a vampire monkey. They see worlds no one ever imagined possible and they form a bond of friendship stronger than any connection on any world. 

Throughout the unplanned and insane adventures, the children and animals learn about love, trust, family and friendship.


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