6 Functions of Indonesian forest

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Indonesia is one of countries with the largest forest area in the world and really need to do the conservation. It also completed with a management of forests for conservation and ecological balance of the earth nature. Different types of forests in Indonesia have the following functions.


  1. Prevent erosion and landslides. The roots of the tree serve as a binder grain of soil. With no forest, no rain fell to the ground but fell to the leaf surface or absorbed into the ground.
  2. Keeps, organize, maintain supplies of water in the rainy season also dry season.
  3. Fertilize the soil, as fallen leaves will break down into soil humus.
  4. As an economic resource. It can be utilized as a result of forest raw materials or raw materials for industrial and building. For example, rattan, rubber, and gutta-percha are used for handicrafts and materials of building.
  5. As a dutfah plasma source for diversity in forest ecosystems that allow for the development of genetic biodiversity.
  6. Reduce pollution to air pollution. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen needed  by a living.

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