6 interesting facts about the Chanel 2.55

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2.55 chanel bags have become familiar item for most women, but if people know the sheer fun facts about this product?

1 Have you ever wondered why the name of this bag is Chanel 2:55 is not that other name-looking plastic? 2:55 numbers mean? Yes, Chanel took the figure is so marked, this bag timelines birth - 2/1955.
 2. Many people think that Chanel bag is the first 2:55 of the company, but the reality is not so. The first bag of fashion leading the world was born in 1929 Version 2.55 is designed based on the bag was designed in 1929 to match the actual needs of customers

 3. Designing a chain strap bag is inspired by many things such as horse reins or waist nun - who has taught, supervised Coco Chanel since childhood.

 4. leather material to make bags that day just for the guy working at the stables to wear while working. But today it has become the main raw material, accompanied Chanel. 

 5. The original Chanel bag 2:55 burgundy-color uniform to wear when Coco Chanel was attending school for Christians
 6. The zipper in the front flap of the bag is cleverly designed. People often tell each other funny that it is the intention of the designer - wanted it to be the secret hiding place of the secret letter.

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