6 Mind Blowing Strawberry Desserts

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6 Mind Blowing Strawberry Desserts

Have you always wondered how those pretty strawberry desserts are made? Well, it’s your lucky day! Today I’m on a mission to find out exactly how to make pretty and delicious strawberry desserts. For most of these you’ll need strawberries, chocolate, whipped cream and a little patience :)

1.Strawberry Roses1.Strawberry RosesIn order to make these you’ll need strawberries, some wooden or plastic skewers and a sharp knife. The strawberries should be big and firm, otherwise it’ll be difficult to shape them into roses, so make sure you pick the best ones. If you can find ones with bright green leaves still attached – that’s even better. Wash your strawberries, then push a skewer into the bottom of each strawberry. This will be your stem. Now take that sharp knife and make four cuts near the bottom of the strawberry to create petals. Proceed to make 3-4 cuts moving up the strawberry until you get to the middle.


2.Stuffed Strawberries2.Stuffed StrawberriesStuffed strawberries look like they’re a lot of work, but it’s actually really easy to create this beautiful dessert. All you need is a sharp knife, a melon baller and some strawberries. The filling is up to you, but I suggest cream cheese frosting. Anyway, to create this fancy looking dessert you just have to remove the stems and use a melon baller to hollow out the strawberries. In order to make them stay, put and not fall on their side just cut off the tip, creating a flat surface for strawberries to stand on. After that, all you have to do is pump in the filling with an icing dispenser and perhaps put some sprinkles or blueberries on top.


3.Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts3.Chocolate Covered Strawberry HeartsThis yummy dessert is easier to make than you think. You don’t have to find some special kind of strawberry that is shaped like a heart, or be a craftsman of strawberry shaping for this. All you need to do is cut a regular strawberry in half and lay the two halves next to each other, flat side down. Stick them together with a toothpick and cover with melted chocolate. You can use dark, milk or white chocolate.


4. Chocolate covered strawberries4. Chocolate covered strawberriesThere’s two ways of looking at this dessert. You can look at it as the lazy man’s chocolate covered strawberries. You know, for those of us who are too lazy to mess about with each strawberry individually. Or you can choose to see it as a healthy, home-made, unique chocolate bar. All you need to do is to put strawberries, or strawberry pieces into an ice-tray, cover them with melted chocolate and put in the fridge for the chocolate to solidify.

5.Cream Filled Strawberries5.Cream Filled StrawberriesThis is, perhaps, the easiest dessert to make, yet it’s very yummy. It’s perfect for when you’re craving something sweet but don’t want the extra calories a donut would supply you with. It’s also a great thing to serve to guests with some champagne. All you have to do is make two cuts in a strawberry. Don’t cut it completely, just slightly more than halfway down, and fill the inside with whipped cream or cream cheese.


6.Strawberry Santas6.Strawberry SantasYou might think it’s a bit early to think about Santa, but I say it’s never too early to plan ahead. These adorable strawberry Santas will make an adorable and delicious decoration for any cake. To make them you’ll need to cut the bottom of the strawberry straight, so that it can stand up without being wobbly. Cut the tip off too, but don’t throw it away, it’ll become the Santa’s hat in just a moment. Take some whipped cream, squirt a small amount onto the strawberry and put the tip that you just cut off on top.



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