6 year old boy wants to get married

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Bocah 6 Tahun Ingin Menikah Hebohkan Youtube

6 year old boy does not seem able to resist his desire to get married. In a video posted on YouTube, which is known boy named Dean looked so frustrated because he felt he was too young to get married.

To vent his frustration, he whining and angry screaming and crying. "I will never marry, maybe 800 million billion weeks later. I was 6 years old and then I will be 7 years old," he said with a whine.

In addition, the Dean wished that he could quickly have enough age to be able to get married. ''I wish I was 80 years old because I wanted to get married," he added.

To make it stop whining, his father tried to calm the Dean and said that the minimum age for someone to get married is at the age of 18 years, which is about 626 weeks.

This funny video has been posted on YouTube by the username Ilyanabuey on October 6, 2014 Video duration 1 minute 12 seconds has become viral to be watched more than 136 thousand times.

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