7 Best Skin Care Tips for Women

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Women daily see hundreds of articles of what is supposed to be the greatest and latest in skin care tips and skin health. Daily they see hundreds of opinions and all are different from one another making it hard to stay up to date. To help all the women in this matter, I have dug through all the most famous and popular tips available on the internet to deliver you 7 Best Skin Care Tips for Women. Are you ready for a fresh look at your skin care routine? Proceed reading this blog further for the best skin care tips of all time.

1. Wear Sunscreen

During the day, the sun is continuously sending UV rays on earth no matter it is winter or summer. These UV rays are harmful to your skin on a serious note. These UV rays can cause premature skin aging and sometimes some cancers. The best way to protect yourself from these harmful and hazardous UV rays is to apply sunscreen on your body parts which are open to the sun. You should keep in mind that the sunscreen does not completely stop the UV rays. So to be on a safe side, you should adopt some other protective ways to stop these rays hitting your body like seeking shade, wearing protective clothing and avoiding going directly into the sun during the peak sun hours.


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2. Clean Your Makeup Brushes Regularly

If you want to protect your skin from infections and clogged pores than washing your makeup brushes regularly would be a great idea. This is because your face skin is the most sensitive skin and if your makeup brushes are not washed regularly then there is a chance that with the passage of time those brushes might catch a bacteria or fungus or virus from the air which could affect your skin later on. Thus washing your makeup brushes at least once in a month would be a great idea for your better skin health.

To wash your brushes, simply use your shampoo. To do so, put a drop of a shampoo into the palm of your hand. Wet the bristles with mildly warm water and then massage the bristles of your makeup brush into your palm. Avoid contacting the handle of a brush. Rinse the brush with water and squeeze out the water from the brush with a towel.


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3. Proper Use of Moisturizer

Double cleansing your skin is a great start than just cleansing. But if you moisturize your skin directly after double cleansing then this would be a super simple and vital step for your skin care. When you apply moisturizer immediately after cleansing while your skin is still slightly damp, you will be able to seal in that moisture which will help you promote all day hydration. So, first, double cleanse your skin then moisturize it. This two-step process will change your life. Keep one thing in mind. Always massage your skin while cleansing and moisturizing rather than quick cleanse and rinse because when you do so you will boost circulation and you will create a fresher looking complexion.


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4. Never Squeeze Pimples

Squeezing the pimples on your face is never ever a good idea. In fact, you should not touch your face because your hands are covered in bacteria most of the time because all the day you are touching and picking different things around you. So, if you touch an already inflamed zit or an infection, you are only making it worse by adding the germs and bacteria into it through your hands and delaying its demise. Squeezing a pimple never does a good to your skin especially when it is swollen and large without whitehead on top. It will only get worse if you try to pop it or squeeze it.


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5. Maintain Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is a very essential part of a skin care. Omega-3 fatty acid is essential for a natural barrier to retain moisture.

Omega−3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). The fatty acids have two ends, the carboxylic acid (-COOH) end, which is considered the beginning of the chain, thus "alpha", and the methyl (-CH3) end, which is considered the "tail" of the chain, thus "omega".

Source: Wikipedia

Flax seeds or walnuts are a great and instant source of omega-3 fatty acids which increases your skin ability to hold onto moisture. Similarly, the right beverages can also help you with your skin care. For example, drinking a shot of chlorophyll every morning would be a great idea because it will oxygenate, brighten and hydrate your skin. You can get chlorophyll from many drugstores or health food stores. Drinking green juice with lots of veggies in them can also serve the purpose


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6. Wash makeup before going to bed

Most of the women have been seen that they come to home after a late night function and then just go to bed. This practice is not good for your skin care and skin health. The reason is that all the bacteria, dirt and impurities of a whole time are on your face and you cannot let them stay on your face for a long time to penetrate through your makeup and damage your skin cells. Thus to be on a safer side, wash your face with a cleanser to remove all those impurities and bacteria from your face and then hop into the bed.


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7. Water and Sleep

Drinking water is very essential in skin care. In fact, drinking enough water helps your skin to stay fresh and hydrated. It also helps the superficial look of your skin. Thus according to the studies, drink enough water for hydration.


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Similarly, sleep is also very important. Not only sleep in fact proper sleep is more important. First thing is, you should have a proper sleep of 8 hours. The second thing is, you should try to sleep on your back because it can do a lot of favors to your facial skin. If you sleep on your side or face, it can cause compression lines. So try to adjust your sleeping position.


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