7 Essential Techniques that Will Help Us Gain Benefits from Machine Learning

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Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use in order to perform a specific task effectively without using explicit instructions, relying on patterns and inference instead. Source

It is a subset in Artificial Intelligence (AI) where the system automatically learns, improves and develop based on the data being provided by humans. Artificial intelligence is used to denote the ability of a computer system to perform tasks solely of human intellect. This feat is made possible because of Machine learning.

Arguably, the process of machine learning begins with the use of data and examples to teach the machine. Direct Learning and Data patterns primarily help the Machine to learn more effectively and efficiently.


We dream of a world where artificial intelligence(AI) does most of our jobs (If not all)on command using natural language. This, we have seen already happening, an application like Siri have start revolutionalizing the world of AI.

The tomorrow we are anticipating is here already.

Even though it has some rough edges, we are optimistic about a fully functional Artificial Intelligence soon!

Revolutionizing the world can be done through a process called Agile Software Development.

Programmers and companies are using Agile Software Development to revolutionalize Machine Learning. This is propelling the spheres of Machine Learning and bringing our future closer than we have anticipated.


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Learn more about the 7 essential techniques that will help us gain benefits from Machine Learning in this c-blog.

Learning is a never-ending process for humans. I hope you have learned a thing or two about machine learning.

I’m excited about seeing myself blogging artificial intelligence. Although I must confess, it was not easy. Traditional blogging was difficult and C-blogging complex.

Introducing artificial intelligence theme blogging does not just shape Bitlanders into a social laboratory, but made it a place where we learn first, we acquire knowledge and also get paid for learning!

I confess to embracing the sudden change in my attitude of blogging.I’m learning, adapting and growing to become relevant in Bitlanders every day and in any way possible.

When Micky-the-slanted-Salerno bears the news of Bitlanders AI-Themed Blogging, personally, I was in a frenzy!

Even though I had Conflicting thoughts, doubts and disbelief. Finding the courage to remain with Bitlanders was no small feat.

It took some advise and help from a friend halfway around the world to convince me to remain with Bitlanders.

Wow, I’m so glad she stood by me.  She’s a friend indeed! Give Sharon-Lopez a round of applause, she deserves and earned it.

Sharon-Lopez didn’t just help me alone, but the entire Bitlanders community. She wrote the most powerful blog post guide how to pick a subject for AI-theme blog post. It is the best I have read thus far on Bitlanders for AI-Theme Blogging.

I’m sure the blog post is a beacon of hope and a fortress in trying times.

On A Final Note 

Learning about 7 Essential Techniques that Will Help Us Gain Benefits from Machine Learning become an eye-opener  for me.

The 7 essentials explains how machine learning helps in AI prediction and data modelling of techniques that make machines intelligent. 


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