7 Interesting Facts About Starring Benedict Cumberbatch: Doctor Strange

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Doctor Strange new trailer has just been released. In the trailer featuring some scenes as Dr. Stephen Strange's origin had an accident until he studied with a teacher who has a magical skill. If you've watched the trailer, must know dong who plays Dr. Strange. Yea he is Benedict Cumberbatch. After the dialogue tough enough, eventually the last year pointed to Marvel's cast of Sherlock Holmes to join the film project will be released Nov. 4.

More enjoy so that you enjoy the acting of Benedict Cumberbatch later, it helps you know the first few interesting facts about him.

1.Benedict Cumberbatch Almost There Can Be Actor

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Following the advice of parents, initially Benedict Cumberbatch is projected to be a lawyer when he grows up. But in the end she chose to become an actor and studied drama at Manchester University. He also had to fill his time as a teacher of English at a monastery in Tibet for 1 year.

2. Ever Abducted

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Stars of the Sherlock Holmes series have never experienced abduction while filming To the ends of the Earth in 2005 in South Afika. Kidnappers numbering six people were also abducted Denise Black, Benedict's main opponent in the film. Fortunately, thanks to his shrewdness to negotiate, they could finally escape from the kidnappers herd.

3. Want to Be Elvis

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Elvis Presley can be called the king of Rock n Roll music, so not weird if had a lot of fans around the world. Well Benedict Cumberbatch was one of Elvis fans. Even when diwawacara, he wanted someday play a role as Elvis in a movie.

4. Early Success Benedict Cumberbatch

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You could say the name of Benedict Cumberbatch begin to be considered as a top actor when she played a clever detective, Sherlock Holmes. Since the role as Sherlock Holmes, movie offers began to arrive. Even in 2013, he starred in several major films such as The Fifth State, 12 Years a Slave and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and Star Terk Into Darkness.

5. BAFTA Award Recipient

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Thanks to the success of the works and the many films that he starred in 2013, Cumberbacth was given the award for Best Actor of The Year held by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). A year earlier he had also won the 'Best Actor' from Laurence Oliver Award is considered a prestigious theater awards in London.

6. suffering Heterochromia

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As well as actor Kiefer Sutherland and Simon Pegg, Benedict Cumberbatch also Heterochromia disease, namely the color difference in the two iris. Benedict Cumberbatch iris can change from green to blue depending on the light intensity.

7. Parents Benedict Cumberbatch

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For fans of Sherlock Holmes series aired by the BBC must know one scene where Sherlock Holmes is visited by both parents. Turns out both parents is an original parents of the character actor Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes.

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