7 Menu Breakfast To Lose Weight Fast

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Women have a strong desire to be beautiful and ideal weight she wants. To be able to get into shape  and lose weight, they are not willing to eat, but unfortunately they often overlook breakfast to be slim.

Though breakfast is an important part when you want to diet. Even according stylecraze, diet experts, nutritionists and doctors recommend that you have breakfast full of protein and other nutrients to help smooth metabolism and help burn calories.

In fact, one study showed that a good breakfast with complete nutrition actually helps burn more calories, make a full stomach durable and provide long pause for the next mealtime. That is why the right breakfast is an important thing you need to do to start the day.

But often people are confused about what to eat in order to meet the nutrient and not fall on the fat and cholesterol breakfast. Well, if you are one of the women who are also curious about this, then schedule your breakfast menu as follows,

Start the first day with eating 2 boiled eggs and a small bowl of steamed broccoli. Or you can also make the eggs as omelette with added vegetables and mushrooms. This simple breakfast makes you meet the protein requirements in the morning for daily energy supply. If you get bored, you can choose to make banana smoothies with low-fat milk.

Breakfast for Tuesday is oatmeal or whole wheat bread. If you like, also can make green bean porridge mixed with red beans. Porridge is rich in protein as well as meet the dietary fiber that will make a full stomach all day.

Wednesday breakfast menu is eating cereal with low-fat milk. You can also replace with tofu and vegetable stir-fry with brown rice. If it is difficult to get brown rice, you can replace the almonds to snack one hand grip. It helps to control cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.

Thursday Breakfast is the soup tempeh know. This will be processed soy protein needs and provide intake of omega-3 fatty acids. You can add mushrooms or other vegetables to taste the soup.

Eat 2 pieces of boiled potatoes or boiled potatoes. You can also add 1 egg scrambled eggs on top of boiled potatoes. You still need carbs, but still perpatok on healthy carbohydrate sources.

End the week with salad vegetables and fruit. You can incorporate a variety of healthy fruits such as avocados, apples, bananas, and grapes to lettuce and cabbage. Sprinkle sesame seeds and almonds and olive oil into it.

Sunday is the time the body a bit of fun. You can drink low-fat milk or yogurt with fruit pancakes and topped with honey-buahan.Tambahkan if liked.

So, are you ready to start your healthy diet breakfast next week Ladies?

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