7 signs that you are lonely

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1. You listen to a song over and over again

Many people think it's just a habit, but unrelated to loneliness? For some it is like the truth, but the majority do not. Just noticed that view, especially with the old songs, recalling past memories, when you just go listen to again and again is when you are immersed in the issues of the past. Often only the sad memories, the new one so hard to get out. And those who are lonely, you just want to do new things that have forever and then, like that.

2. You usually want to stay up late or in darkness

When you have gone through very late nights, but really not to do anything? Though only 2.3 clock in the morning and you still can not sleep. Or are you sitting there with the light emitted from a computer screen, or are you tossing and turning in bed forever sometimes with dozens of thinking, but also sometimes in your head completely empty. 

That situation repeated itself so stay up to become a habit. You are "night owls" genuine, but not to work, nor to study. Just as you can not go to bed early only.

3. Are you afraid of the crowd and the middle of acres of fun

You always feel alienated and acres in the crowd. In a fun, very easy catch you're staring at the phone, staring blankly or sit next to the window when people are met together happily. 

You always see fear or insecurity every time alone or to the road, but the crowds you find yourself back where noise does not belong there? You can not find a sympathetic voice, you unfamiliar with everything. If you have that, then you are very lonely.


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