7 things in the interview at the cavalry

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1 There is oriented career goals. Many interview candidates considered merely as an opportunity to find a job. They do not determine what will be devoted to the company. It would be worse if the candidate honestly say that they would be transferred to another department after a stint at the position are applying for. Of course, the interviewer does not have a candidate please see the opportunity to work with his department as a "stepping stone" to switch to a different department.

2 Self-aggrandizement. You should highlight your accomplishments to the interview; but that does not mean to brag, ostentatious about your strength. Employers will not have sympathy for the guy / girl "plucking know" where.

3 words stuttered or not to present ideas clearly. Stammer means you are lacking confidence. So, let's say clearly and confidently. But remember not to talk too large; Speak is an expression you were unnerving. If you are not sure about a particular question, ask the interviewer to repeat.

4 Be too close. An experienced interviewer knows how to dispel confusion in the first minutes of the interview. But that does not mean they are your friend. So, always remember that you are facing the interviewer, they are evaluating you and you need to express themselves professionally.

5 To emotionally overwhelmed. Sometimes, the interviewer inadvertently or deliberately evoke for you to express your true feelings, as given a situation or a particular comment to make you angry. Do not fall into their trap! Stay calm in all circumstances. When emotions overwhelm you to the risk of failure is very high.

6 merely answering interview questions. Interviewing is a two-way dialogue, you should not answer the question. The interviewer will feel bored if you just turn that answer these questions. Show your interest and your understanding by asking the opposite questions Smart employers.

7 Defaming old company. Your former boss is idiot. You really hate the old company and could not bear it any longer ... always circle the Earth, sometimes you can not expect the company's former customers or partners of the company you are interviewing .. . you should not think that your interviewer will say the same thing about them when you leave the company.


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