You will feel pain before the rude behavior, cruelty was repeated on a regular basis of the type of man.
1 guy with big egos

Have you ever wondered why people love you always hate blasphemed, hate everything your guide. Even in many cases you do not even have to admit I was wrong ... It's because he owns a large ego.

The man owns big ego always considered himself a center, than others. He did not accept inferior to his others, especially women. Inside this man, you will have the humility before his conservative way. In fact, he's not well right circumstances.

2 guy or ogling

Never accept explanations "that men, who do not like" because doing so means you're cheering for the misconduct of men. Despite the fact that nature but men are ogling action, public watching, flirting with other women in front of lover is unacceptable. It's really kind of behavior rude man, capable of high-deception.


3 He likes owning lover

There is a common type of man that women prefer to own the name, they always love to justify their acts. Question of the guy's mouth was "I love you why I do it", "Just because why I love you so jealous" ...

If you do not want to taste suffering in love, when the lover knows there are signs of a "magnet" where to go and clinging, you should rethink your relationship. Not only want to own the love that these guys still want to own everything lover as phone, email, account ... Ask a guy likes to own everything, you just identify yourself to not even a bit of privacy, freedom, freedom even just ... breathe.


4 He hypocrisy

These guys are very good at hypocrisy conceal his nature in front of others. Even in front of his mother, pretending he was looking for a wife "properly prepared" style: sweet, caring, stable job, caring, good kitchen ... But honestly, he just interested girls personality, dress sexy ...

Love a guy hypocrisy, you would not imagine he would think all is, how to act when faced with any problem. Even if you have become an official half man, you do not know if he is the guy who truly love or just a date for his mother not pleasant.


5 Boy overly concerned

Just step out of the house, even to go to work, go out, he also regularly call you 15 minutes just to check where you are, what to do, who to go with? Obviously, it's nice man, that you care about. But the main concern of his excesses will cause you trouble.

It is understandable too much interest in his turn will easily become a control freak. The attention of his overprotective makes you feel like you have not grown up as a child, not fend for themselves. Moreover, you will not be able to concentrate on playing because of harassment by his attention.


6 He regarded himself as "Superman"

Fortunately, you always have to be with a man willing to help things at all times, everywhere. However, his attitude has always regarded himself as "Superman", which can do everything, their self-esteem they are heroes save woman will make you uncomfortable. With this type of man, they are not only helping yourself you that they will take every opportunity to express yourself in front of any girl. They honored his self is an electrician, an IT professional, a person can troubleshoot any problems for the weaker sex.

The man "superhero" in danger of becoming a "home meal and general cargo carrying prisoners". They express themselves gallant of you to be flirting, but when you got it, he's a hero again engrossed in front of other women.

7 heartless guy

Sect itself recognizes that it is pretty emotional person and sometimes overly emotional expression. But such is the nature of half the world's way. Women really want your half understand and sympathize with that. As for the men always ignored affliction, annoyance evident in facial expressions of womankind, it is bad manners, even rude, disrespectful.

Sometimes, saying, or doing so more sisters, impressionable or sensitive men list ahead ignoring your partner's feelings, that it does not matter. These fall into that situation, women deeply outraged feel neglected.

In the perspective of the weaker sex, men will become good if they are known to use his humor brought laughter to them and absolutely ignore any emotional expression of the fair sex.