7 Years of Love

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We'd known each others for 7 years
No one could even thought that..
..we would say goodbye so easily
But we did break up
The only thing left was the memory we built together
How we met each others at that young age
I don't even remember
It was hard for us to stop ourselves from changing
People say that saying goodbye is hurt
but we couldn't even feel that
I just thought it had to be that way
But I cried
As time passed by
it gave me a simple yearning
different from what my mind saw
At first, we're just friends
Then we're lovers
So true that it's hard to keep the friendship after we broke up
Since then, in almost 3 years, we just sometimes contacted
Even when I met someone else
and even when I've had a new love
it's you I called whenever I was sad
without a word, I just cried silently
"You should try to find a good person", I said
But deep down in my heart, i didn't want it happen
Just thought that maybe you still loved me
I know
The love we had was so pure
We won't ever have that kind of love again
It can only remain in our memory
Sometimes I could sense a cold feeling from you
But I knew there's nothing I could do

"I'm getting married" was what you said to me
After that for a long time I was speechless
Then I cried because of your last words
the only words I really wanted to hear from you was "I love you"


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