8. Behind Its Beauty (Philippine Flag Exposé)

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Flag symbolizes a country. Beneath the cloth, flag contains a deeper meaning. It is not only a piece of fabric that has been raised on the pole but it is an insignia of the nation.

The Philippine flag had evolved in many eras. Not until, when the design made by Emilio Aguinaldo on 1897 was proclaimed as the national flag of the Philippines on 1998. The flag is a rectangular flag that contains two colors in a horizontal manner, blue and red. The blue is placed above the red. Beside these colors is a white triangle with three stars and an eight-rayed sun situated on it.


Symbols and Meanings

The blue and red colors of the flag represents peace and valour. With blue represents peace and red with valour. The white triangle represents equality. The 3 stars symbolize the three major islands of the Philippines, Luzon (Northern), Visayas (Central), and Mindanao (Southern). The sun symbolizes unity, freedom, democracy, and sovereignty and the each of the eight rays of the sun represents the first 8 provinces who took the first step to declare revolution against the Spanish colonization. This coup d'etat happened on 1986.


How about you? What's behind your nation's flag?


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