9 Reasons You Should NEVER Wear Red Lipstick

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Didn’t your mother tell you, it looks hideous. Too dark. Not suited for your skin tone?

1. For starters, it is red! Which means you might attract a bull attack


2. People might mistake you for a celebrity.

Who wants all the paparazzi and the attention? Your privacy is in danger!

3. Oh, didn’t they tell you, red lipstick isn’t made for brown skin tones.

Isn’t she looking like a parrot?

4. There are sooo many shade options that it gets confusing

Who wants to deal with all the confusion on what shade to go for. Skip it, we say!

5. You won’t be able to wear any of your other makeup

Your makeup kit will get sad and your eyes will get jealous of your lips.

6. It will stay on for the whole day and you might get fed up with it

Who wants to rock that look the whole day!

7. It will make you look SO BORING!

Where is the fun in life?!?!?

8. It looks extremely Badass.

OMG! Really, not appropriate!

9. It looks too sexy

Who wants all that attention from guys?

Enough said. Decide for yourself.

We love red lipstick though <img class="emoji td-animation-stack-type0-1" draggable="false" src="http://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/72x72/1f609.png" alt="

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