9 Struggles Of Being The Eldest Sibling.....

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1. All The Spanking

You get all the spanking from your parents, your parents have exhausted all their energies over you, so your younger siblings don't get much and are spoiled like hell. This makes eldest siblings stronger both emotionally and physically. 

2. Source Of Inspiration 

You are being copied by your younger siblings. Your first crush, your favorite hero, your hairstyle, everything is copied. You are born with this annoying fan club and Paparazzi flash bugs who follow you everywhere a.k.a siblings

3. You Get The Lion's Share

You get the lion's share in everything. Be it food or pocket money but when it comes to the point of responsibility, again you must have vital role.

4. You Live Your Parent's Dreams

You go to college your parents could not go. You choose a career your parents always wanted to. and you marry with their consent in a marriage hall of their choice, in a dress they chose for you but your youngest siblings will most likely get all the freedom in the world because you have granted your parent's wishes.

5. Trained to be a C.E.O.

Some surveys show that most C.E.O of companies in USA are the eldest in their family. It makes sense as they get all burden of responsibilities.

6. You Are Trained To Be A Leader

You like to be in control, you are good in decision making. You are more prone to follow your brain rather than your heart. 

7. You Are The Best Genetic Combination

Some researches show that the eldest siblings are the most intelligent among their siblings as they get the most attention and care.

8. First, First, First

First love, first crush, first salary, first job, first kiss and first wedding night have special place. Likewise you are the first kid of your parents, its the feeling they can't forget. You have a special place in their hearts that can't be shared by anyone else.

9. Closeness

Some eldest kids are very close to their parents, have a very special bond with them. They rely on them and make them a part of very crucial decision, Same goes for siblings, younger siblings might tease you, annoy you or taunt you but they always look up to you. 

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