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It is a social media site.with lots of fun. Its mission is to keep posting and make the world a happier place. it was founded in July 2008. it has more than 30 million fans . it is a social website which is for gags. It has and app, it has other websites like 9 gag geeky 9 gag thai and many more. it has its own game . its latest posts are 

How it looks like when you pay by card


Solute to japans efficiency 

Food is love food is life !

Life as a student

Its previous posts are also very very funny. It happens at the start of a new page or website its funny admirable but after a while its the same old same old, but this page has kept its consistency throughout the years. you can follow it on FACEBOOK,TWITTER, INSTAGRAM .i hope you like my blog . Its  short but its a start



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i am not a good guy . i am not a bad guy but i am the guy

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