A Batchmate Died Today

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Life is short.

While everything has been set to be on the right track with our upcoming Alumni Homecoming, news came to my Facebook page about one of our batchmates, Christopher. He had cardiac arrest three in the morning today and was rushed to the hospital. He was unable to reach the hospital, declared dead on arrival and his family is now mourning for his death.

All of us was surprised with the said event. He was still 27 years old, he has a daughter and a wife. He had left his family and his memories are the only thing his family can ever hold on to. We as his batchmates extended our condolences to his family. We are going to see his family and will give a small amount of money so to help them even in our little way.

One thing is certain - we will all die. But we will never know until when. So live your life happily, seek for what ever makes you happy. Be always prepared for the day that you will face the Supreme One above.

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