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One of the memorable movements of my life belongs to my hostel life. There are some students which dreams to study in university and live in hostel. Because they want to learnt something leaving in hostel . They know the standards of the life and know about the management of their time and money. Which is very important in life. We meet different kinds of persons in hostel life. And we learnt from them which help us in our professional life.

      I am as well a student. And learning a lot leaving in hostel. I learnt how to interact with new students and how to interact with my class fellows and university fellows. I have learnt the lot of lessons from hostel life. The one lesson is this you struggle until you have not reached your goal. I have learnt how to live in a hostel away from your home and also from your dears. Hostel life makes me able to talk with others. In hostel life I have learnt cooking. Hostel life makes me responsible with my duties. Now I can realize that how to spend money in correct way.

        I have also learnt that don’t study for success and the study for success will make you master. Always study for satisfaction. Study for satisfaction will make you a legend and the legends never die. Don’t compare yourself with others in study but always compete them. Competing them in similar way you can fulfill your all goals. And much more I have learnt  from hostel life. The words from A to Z can never explain my hostel life experience. That’s all my hostel life. 


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