A Birthday Party

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Salman Baig is my best friend and He celebrated his birthday party in the last week. He also gave me invitation for this party. This party was arranged in Restaurant and our group fellows were invited also in this party. We reached at the time in the Restaurant. We wear some fine dresses on this day and weather was also thunderstorm.


We were enjoyed with music and movies in the Restaurant and then we started out party. We bought Birthday cake and it was in the flavor of fruity. Salman cut the cake and then all friends wished him.


We eat the cake's slices and enjoyed very well with the cake and jokes with each other.



After this, We Salman and my friends ordered for the dinner. In the dinner, We enjoyed with Chicken Handi and Chinese Rice’s. It was spicy and tasty also. After dinner, we presented our gifts to Salman and spent good time in the Restaurant.


After this we made a plan for the ICE cream, Salman also invited for the ice cream party and we went ICE burg for the ice cream party where we eat our favorite ice cream flavors. And then we made to plan to go back to home because we were tired a lot.


Salman payed all bill for this party and we said thanks to our best friend because we spent a memorable day in this party.


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