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The developments in computer science have revolutionized the world history and what we once heard in fiction now has been materialized into reality. The evolution of computer has led us usher into the realm of magic, a world that features knowledge, efficient and effective communication, solutions to technical problems, etc.


Data processing provides us a rich media to hint at panacea to sort out day to day issues in terms of digital data. Computer units are technically so designed that they handle data faster than manual practice. “A computer is typically an automatic electronic device that processes the data fed to it in an efficient and organized manner.


Computers are spotted nearly in every walk of life; they have become almost part and parcel of our lives, e.g. computers are chiefly meant for storing huge data, publicly they are found to be extensively used in traffic and public utility areas, e.g. railway, airport, offices. Media also features an extensive use of computers.


The computer is fed raw data via an input device. The computer then tailors the input data as per user requirement; this process is technical called “processing” in terms of computer language. Once the data is processed, it is called “information”. The information is passed on to the end user via output device.


The mode of processing and efficiency varies from computer to computer and as such it can be enhanced by employing appropriate technology. For example, CNC machines are doing marvels in industry and they are totally controlled with computers. The current form of computers is the outcome of the decade long research and development of our predecessors who had been putting forth in the computing discipline.

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