A cat who was loyal to her mistress

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A cat is so devoted to bringing a small gift each day to the tomb of his employerwho had passed away over a year ago.
The site the Huffington Post reports, Saturday (5/1), a three-year-old cat coloredblack and white was living in Northern Italy, Montagnana.
According to sources, Corriere Fiorentino, Toldo, the name of the cat, always visit the tomb of his employer which Iozzelli Renzo, who died September 22 last yearat the age of 71 years. Toldo was visiting the tomb of his master every day andcarries a wide variety of small gifts such as leaves, small twigs, plastic cups ortoilet paper.
"When visiting the Tomb today with Toldo, on the way home somebody tells me,Toldo had already gone to the cemetery this morning," said Ada, widow of the late Renzo.
A number of residents in the neighborhood the tomb was also often see a day wandering around Toldo tombs. Even when his master dies Toldo go from home to the cemetery.
A day after the funeral, there was went to the tomb and saw the sprig of Acaciaflowers at the grave of Renzo. "I suspect the Toldo who put that flower. But my daughter told me maybe I was too emotional because it is grieving. "
On the evening after the incident the son Renzo returned to the tomb and sawToldo in the place that keeps the tomb of his employer.
There spoke of her late husband is indeed very strong ties with her cat. Headopted the Toldo since the age of the cat is just three months. "My Husband was very fond of Toldo. She likes animals. Toldo was special and very well liked. "
Up to now the Toldo still continue to visit the grave of his master every day.
If a cat is able to reciprocate the kindness his employer with full fidelity, we as human beings can give the same sincerity.
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