A Certain Lady

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There's a certain wistful aspect to her gentle grace
A dark haired lovely with elegance embedded in her face
Clear eyed and full lipped with cheekbones well defined
And just to top that outer view is the beauty of her mind

Such a combination must be more than many men can bear
So much for them to live up to - may they hope they can ensnare
A lady filled with passions that are reserved just for that one
Who offers safety for her heart and so can carry her along
With them hand in hand until the night is never gone
Amid the certain knowledge that they will ever look upon
A sight that others cannot, as her views are just for him
The truth is that within their bond there never will be sin

For sin is just for other souls that have yet come to learn
Without deep trust and honesty they just cannot discern
The reality of true love is that we hold the other high
In every way above ourselves and without the need to ply
Our troth with false promises in the hope that those might sway
The other's will towards us without a momentary delay
For time is well invested only when all is quite sincere
Only then we will have earned the right to call the other dear...

May 2nd 2012

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